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We approach programming from a sound foundation in marketing and research.


We began by programming online research campaigns and writing code to automate SEO within e-commerce sites. We were one of the first to use video in research but more pertinently to use social media to encourage and reward participants.


Working with design agency clients we began to help them structure web sites based on our understanding of consumer research. The architecture we created delivered sales and also had a huge effect on search optimisation. One of the first sites was built to promote a 250,000 product catalogue in the US electronics industry, within weeks overtaking each competitor to reach the number one spot on all key search engines.


Now you’d probably expect us to talk about the programming languages we specialise in and the years of coding experience we have, and we will come to that, but first we’d like to mention our approach as we think it is something that makes a huge difference to the outcomes we achieve.


We approach programming from a sound foundation in marketing and research. We believe we fill a niche that fits between marketeers, web designers and coders, by introducing an understanding of both capability and objective.


What we mean by that is we are able to interpret a brief to get the coder deliver more. We can talk to you or your designers not just about the issue at hand but how to incorporate the new work to enhance customer experience or any other factor that is important. And we can identify real opportunities before we begin.

Virtual jewellery -
Virtual jewellery - upload your picture and 'try' on - adjust fit and perspective
Linnworks SIRV integration -
Linnworks Woo integration with SIRV rotating images
Art catalogues -
Hand coded, search friendly art catalogues

We provide bespoke programming to add functionality and to improve customer experience.


We also provide POS systems for stores looking to simplify the process of integrating one or more physical stores with an online shop.


As PHP programmers, we specialise in Magento, WordPress, osCommerce, OpenCart and Drupal. We also customise existing systems such as BigCommerce, Shopify and Weebly to get the most out of them, or to embed as in the case of Shopify within another system to add value. We also integrate 3rd party systems such as Linnworks, HubSpot and Salesforce and work with WP-Engine, Rackspace and Amazon Web Services for hosting.

Our custom integrations extend a customer experience through virtual rooms and the ability to interact with a site.


We create the means to ‘virtually’ try on items, or view items as if in your home or office, view a live gallery or shop from a fully optimised catalogue, driven by and interacting with social media. All mobile friendly and built to work with existing sites and blogs, or as a part of a new build.


And with POS systems and stock management, we can create extremely complex ordering systems, that appear both simple and intuitive to the customer. Data to create complex products is taken from different suppliers, in different localities and managed with ease.


We also cater for membership sites with subscriptions and/or discounts. And booking sites to enable visitors book holidays, complex international business support services, or simple consumer services such as dog washing with related products, in just a few quick clicks. And everything is coded to be as search friendly as possible.

86-90 Paul Street, Shoreditch,
London EC2A 4NE

020 7871 3626

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