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Generally a good coder writes efficient code that he/she thinks will achieve what you are looking for. 


We approach programming from a sound foundation in marketing and research. We believe we fill a niche that fits between marketeers, web designers and coders, by introducing an understanding of both capability and objective.


What we mean by that is we are able to interpret a brief to get the coder deliver more. We can talk to you or your designers not just about the issue at hand but how to incorporate the new work to enhance customer experience or any other factor that is important. And we can identify real opportunities before we begin.


Generally a good coder writes efficient code that he/she thinks will achieve what you are looking for. He/she will write it so that you can further develop it but also that your outlay will be minimised. And to do the latter he/she probably will use existing plugins to save time and cost. All of which should sound pretty good.


But we like to take it further, and to do that we step back and look at the brief a lot closer. We look at the customer experience and how they are likely to use the full site and we see where we can share and speed up functionality, enhancing any aspect where there is a real benefit to be found.


We’ve taken well coded sites from 10 second loads to 3 just by looking wider and harder at the real objective – in that case to deliver more sales and a better customer experience.


And whilst that sounds expensive, it need not be.

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How to manage digital projects?


At one end of the scale you have large digital project management consultants who, like management consultants, produce strategies and systems, including communication systems, and bring teams and stakeholders together as part of the process of defining what you need, and at the other end a designer who wants your project to look a certain way, or if we’re being a little cynical, the marketer or agency that needs you to buy the system they’ve invested in.


Whilst that is a bit of an over simplification it can be difficult to find somewhere in between. Our service bridges that gap by helping you look at your overall digital marketing needs and opportunities and provides an efficient, flexible and robust basis from which to build. We can work with your existing marketers and designers or help you identify the right teams to work with. We can get you under way or work with you long term.


We’re aimed at smaller companies that may not have large teams and multiple stakeholders but do want clear communication and objective advice. We want to help the designer realise his/her plans and the marketer communicate your story.

86-90 Paul Street, Shoreditch,
London EC2A 4NE

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